The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Friday, February 10, 2012


10 February 2012: Day 238--Finished with intensive

Today we are celebrating, and with good cause: Adam finished the intensive part of his treatment when the last dose of chemo was given at 3:30pm this afternoon. I wasn't sure it would happen after the suspense of the week and yesterday's drama, but it did. The only slight catch was that the doctor had to give the chemo as Adam only has a peripheral IV line just now, and there is a danger to his tissue if the line breaks and the chemo spills into his arm, but it all went very well and we were out by 4pm.

We started the party at Casa di Gelato on King street, with two of their famous ice cream sundaes--here are the boys ready to tuck in:

Mom and sister helped of course!!

Not much partying tonight as Adam has to spend one more night in hospital to finish up his IV antibiotics. He's out tomorrow morning though, and no looking back!

The top line of this post refers to my journal entry for today. It has been eight months--238 days--since Adam's diagnosis on June 18, 2011. This is not the end--he will start maintenance soon and that lasts for at least 18 months. He will need another port. He will be in hospital again someday soon enough. But it is both an end to the intensive, frightening, always changing part of treatment and a beginning of reclaiming some whisper of a normal life amidst the howling winds of the "long term illness". For now, we are content.

Well done Adam, you are a champion and a testimony to the power of living in the present and soldiering on to the end with your head held high and your cloud of witnesses surrounding you.


jeileenbaylor said...

Your cries of victory, faith, and hope brought tears to my eyes! I know he(really all of you have born up under so much. It has been SUCH an encouragement to me to see your faith and steadfastness. Our God is so good. Thanks for the sharing! We will continue to pray with you.

R. Nigh said...

Lovely, just lovely. Bravo Adam! Well done mama :) and thank you Lord.

Leah Elizabeth said...

so so thankful to read this!
thanks for sharing!

lisac said...

Hip hip hurray for Adam, Stephanie and the Brock family.

Amie V said...


mmmm... i loved casa di gelati. those sundaes do look amazing-- not to mention the two handsome guys posing with them. ;)

here's to what's next! celebrating with y'all, and continuing to lift y'all in prayers (although it's certainly in thanksgiving today!).

Amy Holowaty said...

For today, everything is right in your world again. Today is a day worth celebrating! So proud of all of you for fighting this fight well.. with honesty, vulnerability, humor, and a whole lotta love! Proud to be your friend, Superstar! xoxo