The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holidays again

One begins to wonder when the Brits get any work done for all the holidays they have!! Here we are again, that time of year when the potatoes used to get picked by school children, so they would be given two weeks off in October for the "Tattie Holidays". Trouble is that now school children just hang around the house with nothing to do for two weeks in terrible weather, so the Tattie holidays only succeed in messing up our lives. Can you tell I am not fond of this time of year?

At any rate, the boys and I have plowed into our two week purgatory with high hopes, taking walks, eating hamburgers, and trying to get some things done now and again with our days "off". Adam is not in a happy-to-stay-at-home phase so we're forced out a lot, and the rain the last two days has not helped. But we are nearing the end of our first week and still smiling. A little.

Honestly, holidays are the most psychologically depressing time for me. They are the days and weeks when I really see and feel just how different Adam is from other children, and how much is not available to us that others have at their disposal. Quite honestly, I get very jealous. I see other friends who stay at home and watch movies with their children on rainy days, or bake cookies, or paint pictures, or read stories. I see Caleb who would love to do all that, and then I see Adam who would start throwing things out the utility room window (like my courgettes!) and break all the paintbrushes, etc. I see the gap that lies between the life I would like to lead and the life that is mine, and it's all I can do to pray that the Lord would grant me a little bit of hope, that He would grant Adam a little bit more development, that He would grant us all a little bit more patience and humour with each other.

It's not easy, and I often struggle to find the balance between leaving enough space for us to experience each other and planning so much that the house of cards crumbles. Today I lost the plot because I had forgotten one thing that led to the collapse of another thing. And stress, and rushing around. All totally not helpful to someone who is wanting to learn to just be. I do pray every night that I would be forgiven for my terrible behaviour of the day, and be loving and gentle toward my children the next day. But I pray that every night. So maybe either what I'm praying for is not quite right, or my standards are too high? I actually did think today, "you know what? Tomorrow I'm going to shout at the boys at least once, just like I do every day. So let's pray for something else tonight, ok?" Maybe that something else would be the ability to accept the gifts that are right in front of me, instead of wishing for those that I think would be better. I'll let you know how that one goes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest post opportunity

My lovely friend Amy Julia Becker has graciously given me the opportunity to contribute to her blog, Thin Places. It was a chance to write about Adam, a chance I never turn down! The feature is called "Perfectly Human", and I highly recommend going back and reading previous posts if you have time, they are wonderful. It was truly a tough act to follow!

See it here. Hope you enjoy, and hope you forgive me for letting that suffice for today.