The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Best laid plans...

Today has been another example of what I affectionately refer to as "The Brock Circus", otherwise known as our life.

Today we combined all of the following in a 12 hour period: a funeral, chemotherapy, school, a hospital stay, a birthday party and two trips to Sainsburys. As you do.

This morning I went to the funeral of a friend and our former neighbour Geoff Banks, who passed away last month from cancer. I really wanted to go even though I knew it would be hard, but I wasn't prepared for how emotional I became. I started crying when I walked in the door and saw his picture and his children greeting the attendees. I started sobbing (the embarrassing kind with snotty sniffs and all) when his sons went forward to carry the casket. I miss Geoff, and am saddened at his life shortened...but I am also all too aware that it was shortened by the same disease that we are currently fighting in Adam. It was a beautiful service and his family held up well--all the same the experience left me drained as I confronted for 45 minutes all that I don't want to think about and hope and pray I never have to.

Next stop, Adam's school to collect him and head to the hospital for his chemo appointment. It was all going swimmingly and on time too--we were on target to get to his brother's birthday party that started at 4pm, because by the way it was Caleb's birthday today! (I will post pics in another post soon) I wanted Adam's chemo done early so that he could play with Caleb and the others at the party. One of the medicines he was due today requires an hour afterward to make sure he doesn't react, and I had allowed extra time for that. So far so good.

Then I noticed that he felt warm, and saw some little red dots appearing over his stomach and back. I asked the nurse to check his temp and it was well above normal, 39.2. Going to the party now? Fail. The nurse suggested we go to his room to rest a bit and see how he got on...well, within 10 minutes he was vomiting repeatedly and his fever had gone up to 39.7. I'm not even going to try at this time of night to do the calculations...needless to say it was much too high to even think about going home. Blood cultures, check. Full blood count, check. Vomiting bowl, check. Waiting, check. Change my clothes as soon as possible? Check!!

Brian walked up after depositing Caleb and Agnes at the party and designating someone to watch them...luckily I had booked an indoor play place at the last minute, having changed my mind about doing it myself at home. Phew! So he walked in and I handed him a stinky, sleepy and retching Adam and headed to the car--I had the cake in the car so had to get it to the party at some point! The kids were having a great time and everything went smoothly from there. I have great friends--did I say that clearly enough? GREAT friends, who drop everything and put my children to bed so that I can go to the store and back up to the hospital with Brian's stuff.

At this point we have no results from the tests so are assuming it's a vomiting bug that will run it's course, sooner rather than later we hope. The IV fluids are up, he has been sleeping since 5pm, IV antibiotics just to be safe and still waiting to see how he is tomorrow. Our great friends are also going to watch the kids so we can still try to get to this concert we have booked and have been looking forward to for months. Under normal circumstances I would never leave Adam in this state, nor would I ask anyone else to look after him. BUT, nothing is normal anymore and I know we have to try and trust. Our friends will take good care of him, and this is nothing that won't correct itself in a few days at most.

I will post more, including pics, when I get the next chance. It's bath and bed for this tired mum now.

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Amie V said...

just wanted to say happy, happy birthday to caleb! and that i miss y'all-- and am praying. =)