The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Decision made!

It's 2am and Adam is sleeping beautifully, I not so much, but that's life for the adult accompaniment to the hospital night shift.

The nurse comes in to give Adam's antibiotic through his port and halfway through it becomes apparent that something is wrong: the fluid is not going into the blood stream like it is supposed to, it is going into the surrounding tissues. Suddenly Adam is jumping all over the bed and we know we have to take the needle out and alert the doctors. Luckily we got to go back to sleep (Adam did) and wait until 8am for our main doctor.

He checked out the port site and said it looked better, try putting a needle in. This time though, it seemed to hurt Adam even though the fluid was going in better. Called the doctor back and without a moment's hesitation he said "Take it out!" The nurse brought the "Nil by mouth" sign (i.e. no eating) just in time to whisk Adam's breakfast out from under our noses. Quick logistical negotiations: a nurse will stay with Adam while I rush back to collect the baby from Daddy who has to rush to teach a class at 9am. This in rush hour traffic in the rain--luckily we live close to the hospital!

Adam finally went in for his op at 12 noon, the same time the baby went to sleep for her nap. I got a moment to eat breakfast/lunch and read the paper before the circus started again. Adam's op was successful--they removed the port and put an IV cannula in his right hand. We are to hold on to this cannula for two days if possible--Adam needs one more dose of chemo tomorrow and two days of IV antibiotics. If the cannula comes out after the chemo, well so be it and that's us done. Even if it stays in we are free to go by Saturday. That's a sweet deal--and even better to know that the one thing causing all the trouble with infection is now out of his body, even though that's also the one thing we need most to continue with his treatment. We'll cross those other bridges later, i.e. do we put another port in or continue with IV access for each monthly chemo treatment? For now, we get through tomorrow and be ever so thankful we have made it to the end of the intensive part of Adam's treatment protocol.

I might add it's pretty hard to not think about "accidentally" dislodging the cannula tomorrow afternoon and oops, I guess we have to go home now! :)

Daddy arrives at 4:30pm and I walk home with a tired baby, who again mercifully sleeps in the buggy while walking. I collect Caleb from the school friend who took him home with her and her three children. We walk home in the rain, each taking turns to console a crying baby who just wants out and fed. We arrive home to house key is on the key ring in Daddy's pocket at the hospital!! Sigh...not the first time today I've thought "Thank GOD for mobile phones!!" :) Daddy to the rescue...dinnerbathandbed in quick succession. A quiet house at 9pm.

This is one for the record books, and, strangely enough, a good day all around.

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