The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday morning we visited St John's church on Crown Terrace, another Episcopal church in our Diocese and one we've been wanting to go to for a while. It was a great morning, with lovely warm people and lots of laughs, during church as well as afterward.

Part of our Sunday morning ritual now is that one of us walks with Adam some or all of the way to church, while the other takes the younger kids in the car. This was my Sunday, and as St John's starts at 11am and we had left in plenty of time, Adam and I took our chance to have a little Nero's coffee treat together before the service.

Adam picked the table and I went up to order. I asked for my usual and then if the barista could make me a "baby latte" for my son. So when I came back to the table with one normal cup and one little espresso cup filled with milky foam, I thought Adam might be pleased.

Pleased is an understatement!

First, he started by moving the cup and saucer closer to his edge of the table. Then he picked up the spoon and so delicately began to stir the "coffee." Then he set the spoon down and picked up his cup, ever so carefully.

He tested it for warmth, then swirled it a bit just like the pros. 

Note the precision pinkie placement and supporting side fingers! 

Swirling merrily again... 

Getting the last drops down. I love the chocolate mark on his nose too!

Absolutely fabulous. Not only did he drain the cup, he did it in absolute adult style--stirring, testing, swirling, sipping and smiling. I don't think anyone in that cafe enjoyed their "coffee" as much as Adam did. And I couldn't resist a few laughs taking the photos. 

All in all, a very merry Sunday. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Just a brief recap of 2012...

This was taken exactly one year ago, just after Adam had gotten out of the hospital after being in for 3 weeks and over the New Year with a mystery virus. He had been on oxygen for most of that time, so that's why his cheeks are red (the tape from the oxygen cannula). Agnes was 9 months old and still fit into her snowsuit, Caleb was nigh unto 6 years old. We were walking along the Dee river after having lunch at the Camphill cafe:

THIS one was taken yesterday, on a lovely family walk in Kirkhill forest to celebrate the new year and NOT being in hospital. Adam is 9 1/4 and doing well, Caleb nigh unto 7, Agnes will soon be 22 months. All of us ran on the loop-de-loops of the "fun park" at Kirkhill forest, a place usually meant for bicycles but now a Brock family favourite for free-running! The smiles say it all:

We are grateful that 2012 was ushered in on the wings of illness and hospitals, chemo and baldness, long interrupted nights and weariness, but 2013 was ushered in on wings of feeling rested, having more energy, bone marrow that remains clear of leukaemia cells, nights that are becoming more settled, less sickness, and an end in sight to the two-year reign of chemotherapy in our lives. 

We are enjoying having time and energy to turn our attention to friends and having fun instead of worry. We are grateful for the friends and family who have made 2012 bearable, we look forward to connecting with friends and family new and "old" in 2013, and we mostly look forward to July and an end to the 24 months of Adam's chemo treatment and a beginning to the rest of his healthier life.

May love and health and joy grace your 2013, may hugs and laughter be your sustenance, and may you always know the love of Christ in all that you are and do.