The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decisions, decisions

So...seems I need to stop making predictions about things because I haven't been right about anything yet this week!

It's not a tummy bug, and Adam is not going home any time soon. In the complete sense of being discharged that is; the current plan is that he goes in for the night so that he can have antibiotics via his IV line at 8pm, 2am and 8am, and then comes back in during the day for another dose at 2pm. In between he can go to school, and we can go about our afternoon as normal. Except for the new threat hanging over us which is that this bug may not clear out with only one week of antibiotics.

The doctors are now concerned that the bug is still growing, despite more than 4 days of IV antibiotics, and we might need to switch to a different one for a further week. This same antibiotic can also be given orally, but it's efficacy against an infection in the blood, and more specifically in Adam's port, might not be the same as giving it directly into the blood.

Our doctor has left the decision to us: Seven further nights in hospital and seven further days of IV antibiotics in the hopes of completely eradicating this bug--which may or may not happen no matter what, in which case the port comes out and another has to be put in, OR we switch to oral antibiotics this Friday, go home, and hope for the best. If the bug comes back we still have to change the port, and then we will wonder if we made the right or wrong decision. AND, if the bug comes back after that much antibiotics, will it then be resistant, in which case I don't know what they are going to be able to do??!

So we have decided to see what the blood cultures are on Friday and go from there...if negative, i.e. the bug is gone, we will opt to take him home and go the oral route, ensuring that he is able to sleep well at nights (something he and we can't do at the hospital) and hope for the best. If it is not gone, we will stay the extra week and keep praying that this next one will do the trick. This is a notoriously "sticky" bug and Adam is now properly neutropenic so every move counts.

Will keep you all updated on his progress and our decisions.

On a lighter note, last night a friend of ours was across the way at the hospital which made for a pleasant evening of chatting. During our chat, Adam left his Tumble, came into her room and started opening her drawers--he took out her bra and tried it on, then put on her Ugg boots and headed down to the lift in them, slapping along the corridor in his too-short pajama bottoms and too-big boots, hilarious!! The boy really does know how to make us smile!

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