The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another end, another beginning

This is it, the last day of summer holidays. What a full and fun summer we have had--it almost seems too quick that the boys are starting school and nursery again tomorrow, the end of the lazy days routine and beginning of discipline, school uniforms, packed lunches and book bags. And yet it is time, as Adam has been bouncing around like a wild man for the last two days, creating all sorts of trouble (but don't tell his teachers!!) He's starting Primary 3, and time will tell if it's a good fit or not, but I know without a doubt that he'll be so glad to see the taxi in the morning and his teachers' smiling faces in the classroom. Oh, how I wish he could tell me about it with his own words when he gets home! Maybe some any rate, it's a good job we're through with jet lag and back to normal, as Adam's taxi is coming at 8:15am!! I had a dream last night that the taxi came and his bag wasn't packed yet, so I made sure to do that this evening. We're ready--bring it on!

By the way...I seem to be comfortable with telling more people now--and word gets around quickly in these parts--so it seems safe to write it out here: We are expecting our third child in March! If you have seen me in the last few weeks it might not have been difficult to surmise--the green look on my face, sitting down every five seconds (me who usually runs around all day!), refusing to even smell food at most meals..."morning" sickness is a total joke: this has been 24/7 sickness for sure! This kid (a girl by everyone's reckoning, but we'll see in 6 months) has got me beat, but I am often and gently reminded that this is a blessing and we are indeed very excited. I have unfortunately lost enough weight in these last few weeks that having a huge bump seems a distant possibility, but I am ever hopeful and there are many weeks left (29 to be exact!)

We'll be sure to keep you posted!


Siân said...

Great news and so exciting! I can completely sympathise with the sickness thing - not easy, but you're right a blessing none the less...
Lots of love,

mjmckinnell said...

Congrats again - I am glad you feel safe to finally announce it to the world... Caleb especially must be looking forward to a new brother or sister?

Amie V said...

yay! not for the sickness, of course. ;) i'm glad the hols were good, and can't wait to catch up! =D