The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

And then it was over

I thought I would write some when we were in Texas, but alas, we were too busy...having fun, talking, hanging on the porch enjoying the faintest breeze, watching kids race each other and splashing in the pool, eating, talking, posing for pictures, sharing snow cones on a hot afternoon, hoping for thunderstorms (that never came), talking, and so much more (talking!). No wonder sitting on the computer never even crossed my mind!!

I have to say that was a great vacation--10 days in Orlando, 3 days driving across four states to arrive in Texas for another 8 days. It was so good I can even say it emphatically after we have returned to our normal life once again. Thank you family and friends, for giving us a great gift of life, warmth (not just the heat!), fun, conversation and memories to get us through another year in Aberdeen. We love you all!

Speaking of our return, it was a wonderful trip and we are glad to be home. Caleb has already said twice today: "I can't believe we are home." I think maybe he's as delirious as the rest of us from lack of sleep, but he's right--seems like we've been away forever this time, though nothing really has changed. I asked the taxi driver if there had been any exciting events in the last three weeks. Nope. Oh well--one very exciting event restricted solely to the garden allotments on Powis Crescent is MY garden--it's huge!! I can't believe the size of the pumpkin plants, all 5 of them! We have enough lettuce to be vegetarians for life, beautiful flowering poppies, parsley that's taller than I am, carrots and strawberries out of control. Again, another gift, especially since gracious others did the watering for the last three weeks (and apparently God watered for us a few times too!)

The flight back was fine too, and again I have to say that the boys amaze me with their flexibility and tolerance of travelling. They were wonderful, and even slept for 2 solid hours on the plane. We had not even one minute of delay, no trouble with customs, and no lost baggage. Again, grateful.

And now, tired. See you all again when I can see straight!

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