The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Healing for Adam?

I am doubtful even as I write this that I know at all what I want to express. A friend sent me a link to a Facebook page called Healing for Autism. I read through the whole thing, which is not short as it is full of testimonials. Pretty amazing stuff, really. Usually I have my reservations about something like this even before I've read about it, but I couldn't find any reason to dislike what I read on this page. How can we not rejoice in someone praying for healing and being healed?!

To be honest though, a bunch of emotions come to the surface when I see something like this. Quite honestly jealousy, frustration, longing, hope, faith, hopelessness, all blends together. I have prayed for Adam, but have I not prayed right? Is he not meant to be "healed", or have we just not prayed enough for his healing to occur? To go back a few steps, what am I asking him to be healed of, and is that really something I should be asking? Is Autism really a "prison", to use this mom's words in the Facebook article, or is it just another aspect of the human condition that can and does reflect God's face? Is Autism an affliction to be rid of, or part of who Adam was and is meant to be?

While I don't necessarily have any answers, I do think that committing to pray for our children and their particular "afflictions" or "prisons" is meaningful, and I will do it. I will also be sure to relate any healing here. Actually, speaking of healing and with regard to a former post (see Bowen Clinic), Adam had his first visit to an alternative therapy here in Aberdeen called the Bowen Clinic, at which visit the woman asked what specific issues Adam has. I related that he is often congested and it's his right nostril that usually runs constantly when he has a cold. She pressed her thumb to his face on the right side a few times (and only a few as Adam did the duck and dodge manoeuvre), but ever since then his nose has been clear. And I'm not kidding--not once has he had the same discharge from that nostril, not since that day. So where does that fit in with the healing and prayer discussion? I can't say, but I'll have to come back to it another time.


Amie Vaughan said...

yay for the clear nose! =)

i have a friend in the states whose youngest son was diagnosed with autism when he was nearly four. he'd never spoken a word, still wore diapers, etc. his two older sisters are 'gifted' and articulate, creative, etc. his mom, my friend, was determined to find a cure for him. and she tried everything out there... and got results. he's now in school, reading, carrying on conversations, rough housing with friends and family, etc. and while i'm thrilled for them, of course, i always kind of wondered about these same things. and about prayer in general, really. i feel like i often don't know what i should be praying for, or struggle with what to say to people who don't get what they fervently pray for.

that got away from me. ;) all that to say, i hear ya.

Stephanie Brock said...

thanks, amie. I love being heard!! :)

miss you recently--you ok?

Amie Vaughan said...

ok is relative, i think, these days. i'm still alive. i keep meaning to ask when we're book clubbing, but email and stuff tends to fall by the wayside.