The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Madness

An update is long overdue, and sadly this one will be brief.

We have been busy as usual of late, full into the swing of term time for Brian, work and events for Steph, school and all extracurricular activities for the kids. It is half way to Easter holidays here, time to start feeling the pinch of getting up early, packing the lunches, ironing the trousers. But not yet time to see the daffodils in full bloom--the shoots are starting to show, but it was still a chilly 4 degrees Centigrade here today and snow is forecast for this weekend.

In late January and early February we were all down again with a nasty bug, this time it was the flu. Never mind that we had the flu jab in Nov last year, apparently that doesn't mean you won't still have a chance of getting the flu! We were all "sick as thieves" for a week or so, but it passed. In the meantime we racked up memories of sitting on the couch all together, snuggling up, passing the tea and tissues and watching Laurel and Hardy episodes together. No better medicine, eh?

Instead of getting the usual symptoms though, Adam slept all weekend and then couldn't walk for two days. It was most likely an "irritable hip syndrome" from the flu virus, and it too passed quickly enough. But it makes you think when someone's mobility can go from 100% to zero in a moment. As usual, Adam weathered the storm better than his parents--good thing he had respite that week, so that we could recover for a day before carrying on with life!

Now Adam is threatening another hospital admission, this time with fevers and rock-bottom white cell count. We are hopeful but also realistically expecting to go into hospital sometime tomorrow if his temp doesn't settle, as his body can't fight anything at the moment so he'll have to have IV antibiotics. It is only a few months until the end of his treatment, so honestly at this point nothing can dampen our spirits!

Of course, true to form it's also Agnes' birthday tomorrow, so our little princess may have to spend her 2nd birthday a little more subdued than we had hoped if Adam is not at home. She won't mind though, as her sweet spirit seems to accept most things and move on--she is most often seen these days with a huge smile and a leftover tear from some very recent crying episode that is just as quickly forgotten! She is a dream, a joy, and a total crazy woman. Happy birthday early Agnes, thanks for bringing the zing to our family!

The party girl practicing her stuff for tomorrow!

And with that, night night!

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