The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A belated birthday blog for Agnes

Well, it hasn't been a week yet since she turned two, so this is pretty good for me!

Last Wednesday our dear Agnes turned two, and we had a joint party with my friend Meg whose son Reuben shares the same birthday with Agnes, though he is 9 years ahead of her. She had a grand time playing with the big boys and blowing balloons all around the house. I think she may have been sliding down the stairs with them too, though I wasn't looking at that point.

It was a lovely day of seeing how she has bloomed recently, going from baby girl to little girl all in one fell swoop. We were marvelling this evening how funny and quirky her personality is, all the little things she says that make us laugh. It is a wonder to see a little person develop, and when that little person is gorgeous too you just can't stop watching!

Here are some pics of the day and our little princess...

 With her birthday buddy Reuben

Opening Auntie Meg's present...a huge stuffed sheep she loves! 

hanging with the boys 

And the obligatory birthday song sung in fine style!

Happy birthday's to many more years of watching you grow into a lovely little lady.

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