The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

No news = impatient!

I had thought I would wait to blog this week so that I had more to say. Turns out there isn't much more to say!

Adam was readmitted to hospital on Monday for a fever, started that evening on IV antibiotics and some fluids. Turns out they can't find the cause of the infection as blood cultures are still negative, but they are covering him with both antibiotics and antiviral medications. His port site looks good, but the doctors still can't get it to work, i.e. to give blood back. Fluid goes into the port, but one of the main reasons they put something like that into a patient like Adam is so they don't have to continually stick him with needles. That really is our proverbial thorn just now, as poor Adam has been stuck so many times he looks like a bruised pin cushion! They have put some "clot buster" stuff into it and tried it again today with no luck. The next step is to have the surgeon look at it, and we have to decide whether to have them try to fix it, take it out and put in another one, or take it out and put something else in instead. As you can tell, any of those options involves Adam going to surgery again, which he can't do in his current state of infection and very low blood counts. So we are again waiting for his body to pick up before we move on to the next step.

His tummy seems to be bothering him, and we don't know if this is a side-effect of the chemo or a possible bug. Again, time and the sample taken today will tell. I did feel both sorry and proud of the young doctor who took it...sorry because it was some stinky poo to scrape up and put in a bottle, and proud for the same reason! They really are a nice lot in this hospital, and even when the lines of communication are a bit muddled, they still like Adam and try their best. You can't ask for much more (though we often do!!)

Tuesday evening was our anniversary, and we celebrated it with take-out Chinese food in picnic fashion around Adam's bed. While it was a bit rushed and punctuated with drugs being given and nappies changed, it still seemed fitting: what better way to celebrate 14 years of marriage than by caring for our son who looks like a little old man along the way? I am grateful that we have the chance to be with him and care for him in our own ways...Brian is doing the nights, and I (and Agnes and Caleb) the days. It is a long old life, and I look forward to having Adam home again, though with the speed that we're getting to the bottom of all this, it may not be soon.

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Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Brian, sorry to hear about all this hardship. We are praying for you. Hope news develops in a good direction. - Chris