The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hospital again

Adam is back in hospital tonight for a suspected infection. I noticed he felt warm this afternoon, and when I checked it his temperature was high enough to have to call the medical ward. They asked for him to come in for blood cultures, so I packed a bag for he and Daddy and off they went. It was a shame since we had just come home from the hospital to have Adam's blood drawn ahead of tomorrow's lumbar puncture. I suspect now that the LP won't be done until they know what is going on.

I still haven't heard from them, which means I don't have any update. I suspect they are having as good a sleep as possible in the hospital, with Adam hooked up to fluids again after a dose of IV antibiotics. I'll keep posting news here as I have it...for now we rest and wait.

My prayer tonight is for a sense of calm and peace, for rest for Adam and Brian, for clear results from the blood cultures so that the docs can treat Adam quickly and effectively, and for strength for Adam's little body, already going through so much.

It may well be a full week, but I'll try to update again soon.


Becky said...

Steph, I think of you all so often and pray for dear little Adam every day even an ocean away. You are much loved!

sunny11k said...

Hello! I am a friend of Becky's. She posted your link to get Mr. Tumble to see your son, Adam. Reading your posts about Adam got me so sad and brought back memories of when my son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia back in July of 2008 when he was just 2 1/2. He is now in remission also. So far, so good. He went through intense chemo for 6 months with some lasting over 120 hours continuously through his port. I will pray for you and your family. Be strong. I know it's hard but you will get through it like I did.