The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bright spots

Adam got out for a break from the yesterday, so we all went home for some lunch (his second lunch, gotta love those steroids!!) and then went down to the beach for an ice cream and a short play on the swings. It was so mild, and so much fun...

So NOT what I thought this whole thing was going to be. I realise we're only one week in and things will get much tougher yet, but it's good to know--and good to share--that there are still moments to enjoy and laugh despite the enormity of the situation. Adam is still Adam, and the nurses are learning to keep their scissors out of reach or he'll grab them and throw them across the room faster than you can say "health and safety"! And at least one nurse has been on the receiving end of a friendly slap on the backside as he walked past--no matter how bad he might feel, there is evidently no reason to miss out on a butt-slap in Adam's opinion! :)

Here is a picture of Adam on his favourite swings, and the top one is him having a visit from some friends from his school. You can see his smile hasn't changed at all either!
Famous wings!


Mel said...

That's awesome!! What a little Brock-man! The butt-slaps must be a family trait- LOL. We'll continue to pray in request and gratitude! Love, Mel

Amy Holowaty said...

You know I approve of the butt-slaps. :) This post made me smile, and seeing Adam smiling makes my whole week! Thank you for keeping us posted, dear friend.

Amie V said...

as always, what a fantastic smile! good to see. and good to know that y'all are getting opportunity to smile, at least occasionally. =D

trina said...

Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and photos.
I love your line about Adam throwing the scissors faster than you can say "Health and Safety" -- Made me laugh!

R. Nigh said...

Great post and absolutely lovely picture at the top! I love the little boy peeking in from behind. It made me tear up. Thanks for that. Love to you from California!

Doug Brock said...

So good to see his smile and still has some spunk in him, he is a champion and Loved by all who he graces, Thanks for the update

Ojay said...

Can imagine if the nurse's first reaction was like mine when i got a hot butt slap during our tea time in 'CHURCH'! We miss Adam and the whole Brock crew.
Stay Blessed as always Lovely!