The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Holiday Report

They say timing is everything, and that is certainly the case with the last two weeks of our lives, also known as spring break.

When Caleb got up on the Wednesday morning before school got out covered in spots, I knew that we had finally come face to face with the dreaded Chicken Pox. It wasn't as bad as I had expected, but still knocked him down a bit. However, he was well enough by the weekend when Opa joined the party, and our happy seven-some got to spend a few warm days out and about in Aberdeenshire at various parks and cafes. We had a great week, and sadly bade goodbye to Oma and Opa on Saturday at lunchtime, ready to embark on life as a new family of five. We headed first to the park, and then came home for dinner.

At bath time we saw Adam's first spots. It seemed pretty mild, so much so that we all went to church on Sunday morning like usual. By evening, though, his fever had come on and we spent the next two days with the works, watching spots come out like fireflies (see below)

Whew, that was bad. But despite the redness of some of the spots it's been a pretty classic case too, and a trip to the doctor on Thursday morning relieved my worries about infection. He gave us some antiseptic lotion to use and Adam is pretty much over it now. Though midway through a trip to the country with our friends I saw a spot on Agnes, so the poor soul has had to go through the whole thing too! Her case was so mild I wouldn't have known she had it but for the few spots, and she is also over it too. I can't say how grateful I am for the timing of all three kids having the pox over the holidays--I really feel now like we are starting fresh, ready for school tomorrow and bursting with (some!) renewed energy.

We also enjoyed a visit from our lovely friend Andrew Cameron and his son Thomas last week. They were good enough to tolerate our spots, sniffles and general grumpiness, and we all enjoyed some nice outings and good food together. Thomas and Caleb had grand fun playing, and the boys (minus Adam) got to see Urqhuart Castle and Loch Ness on Tuesday. Caleb loved the fact that he stayed up till 10pm, and I loved the walk through the Botanical gardens that Adam and Agnes and I did in the sun and the quiet evening we had together instead.

And now I will head to bed and await my little lamb waking...I tried my first night of sleep training and failed miserably, but it's still early days. Gina Ford, here I come (again)!

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Siân said...

Gina - go Gina! She totally worked for Jemima and totally didn't for Agatha... Or should I say, I let Jemima cry it out and it worked really well, but couldn't bear to do it for Agatha (I have become a softie in my old age!), but she still goes down well, just in her own way and not in Gina's. All that said, Gina is great!

So sorry you had Chicken pox :(