The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

P.S. Happy Birthday Adam!

You may remember that Adam's birthday was at the end of August, on the same day as his most recent lumbar puncture. Here are a couple more photos from that day, just for fun:

Oh mom, do you have to sit so close?! 

Sister and Auntie Meg know how to party!

Following Adam's grand old afternoon Oma from California arrived to help out and soon Opa followed. The reason? Mom and Dad's 15th Anniversary Grand Getaway to Greece!! Yes, we left it all behind for nearly a week to see the sun and ancient sights in Athens. We took too many pictures to post here, but I'll try to make an album and upload that soon.

Now, tomorrow we are off to LONDON to MEET MR TUMBLE!! This is it, the big day--the wish that Adam made to meet Mr Tumble, his favourite TV character! We meet him on Monday morning, so be thinking of us when you are off to work! I'll post pics straight away when I get back, I promise!!

I know that 7:30am will come early, so I'll sign off now. Sweet dreams (if I can get to sleep!!) 

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