The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playing catch-up (part one)

There has been so much going on in the last 6 weeks or so that I have been very sadly neglectful of the blog, and also of posting pictures that I have taken along the way.

Today, however, is a day for pausing, reflecting, and uploading.

First, so long ago...Feb 3 and Caleb's sixth birthday. A party at KC Kangaroo's with his friends from emergency hospital admission for Adam that prevented him from joining in the festivities. Here are some pics from that afternoon:

Caleb's friends, from left: John, Bruce, Aiden, Corinne, Alastair, (Caleb!), Aiden, Imdad, Reuben, Nicola (the gf!), Alba and Alba's brother Camilo in front. It was a great, happy group.

The birthday boy in action, playing in the ball pit. He was sweaty and wild and happy all night!

The cake: a weak attempt to recreate the Omnitrix from Ben-10, the popular series where the young boy can turn into all sorts of alien heroes. It may not have looked great, but it did taste out of this world! (ha ha)

I am proud of who Caleb is becoming, and I enjoy watching him learn to read, to write, to express himself through pictures and stories. He is a helper with his brother and with his sister too, as you can see here:

It will be fun to see where we go this year, and to see what talents and gifts emerge as Caleb journeys toward seven. I am glad for him.

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Amie V said...

wow. how did six years go by so fast?! happy (belated) birthday to caleb!