The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Adoration of the Christ Child
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The highs and the lows

I thought about doing an update on the weekend, but that was four days ago! Amazing how fast time goes, especially this last week. So now for the week's update...

Some highs:

This week Brian and his colleague John Swinton (interestingly, also my work partner) held a symposium on adoption at the University of Aberdeen, where people came from all over to give papers on the topic. They were great, and I was so blessed to sit in on a few of the papers. Food for thought...and speaking of food, I also had the pleasure of cooking dinner for the 12 lovely invited delegates on Tuesday night and squeezing them together in our tiny front room! It was a great evening, even if I still wish the veggies were cooked a little better! Seriously though, adoption is one thing we are starting to think through, and I'm sure it will appear here one way or the other again soon enough. When the papers get turned into a book you'll be the first to know.

Last Saturday (after our trip to the beach, of course!) my washing machine broke down, with a big load of sandy wet clothes inside! I owe a great deal of sanity to Grace and Stevie for doing some washing for me, and the Hoover Candy service man who fixed it on Wednesday, instead of June 5 which is what they first told me. Yea for new spin motors!

Tomorrow we are watching the season finale of Lost--finally. No, finale. Whatever--it's been a long story but at last we shall know it all. Or will we? Don't tell me yet--we'll talk about it this weekend!!

Some lows: This week brought the opposite of last week: terrible, rainy and cold weather (today was 5 degrees C, or 41 degrees F. Yes, it is May 27). This necessitated some indoor play, Burger King and lots of money spent, though I have to say it was still enjoyable over all. Except that all the laundry I'm doing this week is getting soaked outside. Shame.

Also this week I had to go to the doctor for what appears to be gastritis. I'm taking tablets to reduce the amount of acid in my tummy, and I hope this will do the trick. Might have to review my diet again, though the last time I did so (a few weeks ago) I ended up giving up coffee, and am still much happier for it.

All in all a full, crazy and productive week. As you might expect. Life is good!

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